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 (Intrusion Systems) 

   (Fire Fighting Systems)

  ( Fire Alarm Systems )


 (MATV Systems)

 (Access Control Systems)



    (CCTV & IP CAMS)

 (PBAX Systems)


  (Computer Data Networks)



 (Public address sound systems)





 (Supplies -Electrical)



  (Air Condition Centers)



   (Smart Home Automation systems)


  (Signs Indicative)



 (Security Gates)




The company provides all electrical contracting works for construction and building projects in major companies, including electricity, light current and intercom systems. The company also provides integrated communication solutions for small and medium companies in the fields of security, voice transmission, wireless networks and TV broadcasting. In addition, the company provides highly advanced and flexible solutions for networks. The subsidiary also provides integrated and advanced solutions in all fields of communication systems, automatic control and various technological products. We have great experience in our field of development, design, installation and maintenance of systems in all sectors, from the banking sector to transportation, communications, communications and security.

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